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Established in 2009, Advantio offers a comprehensive portfolio of professional, managed, advisory, and security testing services. Our subject matter expertise and services focus on cybersecurity, data protection, risk, and compliance with a distinct specialization in the ‘Payment Card Industry.’ We believe that for your organization to compete and grow in a rapidly evolving environment, investing in the right partner and technology is crucial to help you focus better on your core business. Our team works tirelessly to help you achieve, maintain, and demonstrate compliance against the most demanding cybersecurity standards and regulatory frameworks on time and on budget. With a strong presence across Europe and global reach on four continents, we have become the partner of choice for many large corporates and international enterprises. Our clients span a diverse range of fintech suppliers and fintech consumers in verticals such as travel, hospitality, telecommunication, financial, healthcare, education, entertainment, government, non-profit and more.
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