The Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment by Advantio helps organizations improve their entire information security program, ensuring their investments and resources are best assigned to increase compliance, governance, and information security management.


    Civic Organization

  • CHALLENGE challenge

    This large organization faces many regulatory obligations and carries a large amount of personal and sensitive data. To improve their cyber security maturity, the client required a comprehensive review of their organization with a strategic action plan.

  • SOLUTION solution

    We provided the client a bespoke cybersecurity maturity assessment. The assessment provides a strategic review of the client’s maturity against an industry benchmarked standard. The subsequent report highlights areas of improvement and provides a prioritized list of remediation actions.

The Customer

Advantio's Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment was performed on UK's leading developer of affordable homes for rent and shared ownership delivering thousands of homes for rent and sale in the region as it offers housing, landlord, and community support services. Their award-winning home-care service gives residents the support they need to remain independent at home in later life as well as providing a range of retirement living options.

Advantio's Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment holistic methodology focused on the client's IT and cybersecurity business functions, enabling them to:

  • Understand their security posture via a qualitative maturity assessment, combining process maturity, risk assessment and project management.
  • Reduce operational risk by putting in place effective controls for security, privacy, business continuity, governance and compliance.
  • Deliver value through more efficient assignment of resources and budget management, improved visibility into the value delivered by risk management, and by engaging the business in risk-based decisions.

Delivery Methodology

Advantio’s Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment model is designed to review an organization's cyber security posture against the cyber security industry's best practice standards and frameworks including ISO 27001, GDPR, NIST and COBIT. Alongside industry best practices Advantio also examines organization's internal policies, procedures and controls, and reviews the legislation, and compliance obligations.

Through a project engagement plan, Advantio performs a series of document reviews, technology reviews, interviews and discovery activities to assess the maturity of the organization's core business units and critical IT processes including:

  • Information Security Strategy Management
  • Information Security Asset Management
  • Risk Management
  • Incident Management
  • Procurement Management
  • System Lifecycle Management
  • Information Management
  • External Dependencies
  • Physical Security
  • Business Continuity

Following the Assessment stage Advantio provided the organisation with a Maturity Assessment Report and Capability Maturity Score. The report includes a detailed executive summary which is board-ready and provides a full-blown plan of action with budgetary indication for each action. This includes a roadmap for security maturity.

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The Benefits

The Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment provided the client with a comprehensive review of their security maturity. It is aligned to their business-specific compliance landscape and its medium to long term strategic goals.

Further, the Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment highlighted risks and prioritised a pragmatic approach to controls and actions to reduce the organization's exposure. Advantio delivered all aspects of this assessment in clear, concise and jargon-free language. We continue to work with this client to deliver real and tangible benefits which improve cyber security posture and reduce threats. Our aim is to impart skills and knowledge alongside improving their information security landscape.

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