Why Organizations Choose MDR?

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Enhanced visibility & reduced detection time with integrated monitoring to correlate patterns and highlight suspicious activities


Significant cost savings that allow you to increase your detection capabilities without investing in additional personnel


Extended coverage & reduced risk with 24/7 protection outsourced to a dedicated specialist provider


Access to the latest technology solutions beyond what may be possible in-house


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Best in Class

Advantio MDR for Endpoint offers best in class managed endpoint protection (EPP) and endpoint detection and response (EDR) services for malware protection and remediation. The service improves the detection of known and unknown security issues, alerting your personnel in real time. Our analysts will help you organize your security data to highlight the most important threats. Configuration in line with Customer requirement.



  • Cloud-native management console with complete visibility of the status of the managed environment
  • 24x7 monitoring and alerting backed by Advantio SOC security experts
  • Advanced investigation, threat hunting and remediation features
  • MITRE ATT&CK framework mapping (TTP)
  • Alert prioritization
  • Easy-to-deploy, low overhead agent EDR
  • Dedicated Customer Portal
  • Default & custom policies
  • Guided response from SOC analyst
  • A solid and accurate engine for malware and malicious attacks detection
  • Protection for endpoints and servers
  • Detailed reporting of the attack, identify the root cause, interactive visual representation (kill chain)
  • SIEM integration via API
  • Endpoint network isolation, containment & threat remediation
  • Data storage in the EU
  • Platform management included
  • Support for AD integration
  • Vendor support inc. licensing & technical support

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MDR for Endpoint is part of a comprehensive Managed Detection & Response Service

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