Penetration Testing 

Ethical hacking or penetration testing is a technical assurance activity that provides an in-depth evaluation of the information security posture of an IT environment.

Pen testing identifies security vulnerabilities and risks to an organization by simulating the actions and attack vectors exploited by cyber criminals.

  • Web Application Testing 
  • Aligned to OWASP top ten
  • Network and Infrastructure Testing 
  • External and Internal Testing
  • Mobile Application Testing 
  • Secure Software and Application Lifecycle testing


Regulation and Compliance Assurance


Testing of Software and Applications


Critical Cyber Security Defence

Vulnerability Assessment (VA)

A Vulnerability Assessment is an automated technical review of an organization's technical estate or part of it. VA’s identify commonly known vulnerabilities and provide remediation advice to reduce your organization's threat landscape.​

Vulnerability Assessments are undertaken regularly as a part of an ongoing organizational security program and controls to manage the health of the security network and infrastructure. VA’s are an integral part of an organization's defense and improvement program.

  • PCI Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) for PCI DSS Compliance
  • Web Application Scanning for websites and applications
  • In-depth evaluation of organizational security posture


Remediate Vulnerable Security Threats


Defend Against Common Cyber Attacks


PCI Approved Scanning Vendor

Application Security Testing (AST)

Application Security Testing is a tool-based security test of organization applications, both off-the-shelf and custom-built. Both methodologies should be considered as a part of an organization's security program.

  • DAST (Dynamic Application Security Testing): ‘black-box testing’, outside-in simulation of a real-world attack
  • SAST (Static Application Security Testing)​: ‘white-box testing’, tests source code and development lifecycles


Embedded Security Program Testing


Simulate Real-World Attacks


Assure your Clients

Social Engineering

People are the biggest security threat to an organization's information security posture. Social Engineering is the art of breaching security or gaining access to information or assets through the manipulation of individuals.

Social Engineering is achieved through email (phishing), telephone, face-to-face, or through forcing individuals to behave in a certain manner.

  • ‘Red Team’ physical and logical penetration tests of organizational security controls
  • Phishing and Spear Phishing email tests
  • Test your organizations' responses to one of the most common attack vectors


Engage your Workforce


Test Non-Technical Controls


Enhance Cyber Security Training



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