The PCI family

With hundreds of combined years’ experience in PCI DSS compliance, Advantio’s expert team can help you whatever your query. We cover: PCI-SSF/PA-DSS, PCI 3DS, PCI P2PE, PCI PIN and PCI TSP compliance.

The PCI Family of Standards


1st feature PCI-DSS

Any organization involved in payment card processing must meet a minimum set of requirements for protecting that data. Advantio offers a set of customized solutions and expert team of QSAs to support simple, streamlined compliance.

Key features:

  • PCI-DSS scope analysis review
  • PCI-DSS gap analysis review
  • PCI-DSS formal assessment of compliance

2nd feature PCI-SSF

The PCI Software Security Framework goes beyond PA-DSS to address the resilience of your software security processes. There are two standards, covering applications (licensed or off-the-shelf) and software development companies.

Key features:

  • Advantio is one of only 24 PCI-SSF assessors worldwide
  • We’ll solve your requirements on time and to budget
  • We offer remediation and tech support, Report on Validation and Attestation on Validation

3rd feature PCI-3DS

The PCI 3D-Secure standard covers physical and logical security for entities performing or providing 3DS. It’s split into 14 principles and over 200 requirements.

Key Features:

  • Advantio helps entities providing 3DS Servers, Directory Servers (DS)and Access Control Servers (ACS)
  • We offer remediation and tech support, Report on Validation and Attestation on Validation
  • Industry expertise to streamline your compliance processes

3rd feature PCI-P2PE

P2PE (and NESA) defines the requirements and testing procedures for point-to point-encryption (and non-listed encryption security). Encryption matters: it scrambles customer card data from the point of capture to the point of decryption. Compliance can reduce the scope and cost of regular PCI-DSS compliance.

Key Features:

  • We guide organizations through over 1500 requirements across six domains
  • Advantio can help Encryption Management Services (EMS), Decryption Management Services (DMS) and Key Management Services (KMS) providers
  • We can advise on industry standard encryption requirements

3rd feature PCI-PIN

The PCI PIN standard covers the secure management, processing, and transmission of personal identification number (PIN) data. It applies to any organization taking payment from PoS terminals, ATMs or other on- and offline transactions involving PINs.

Key Features:

  • Advantio is here to guide you through 300+ requirements and seven control objectives
  • We provide a PIN Security Report on Compliance
  • Customers will also receive a PIN Security Attestation on Compliance

3rd feature PCI-TSP

The PCI-TSP standard covers entities acting as a Tokenization Service Provider. TSPs provide registered token requestors including merchants with ‘surrogate’ PAN (Primary Account Number) values (or ‘payment tokens’). These are typically used on merchant websites and via mobile devices for secure NFC payments (eg Apple Pay, Google Pay).

Key Features:

  • Advantio is a qualified QSA P2PE (Point-to-Point Encryption)
  • We supply a TSP Report on Compliance
  • Advantio provides successful customers with a TSP Attestation on Compliance

Every industry requires PCI DSS

Whitepaper Whitepaper

Our PCI DSS whitepaper

Expert analysis of PCI DSS with a focus on ATM, retail, hospitality and issuer & acquirer environments.


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“3C Payment has worked together with Advantio for almost 10 years. In that time, Advantio has successfully delivered on 3C’s growth in PCI DSS, P2PE and cyber security. Additionally, 3C has supported Advantio in their path to offer elite PCI & security consultancy. We are happy to continue our collaboration with Advantio's team, as they provide us with a professional, comprehensive service.”

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