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“We have been using Advantio's services for several years and benefited greatly from their expertise, uncompromising focus on core security principles and pragmatic approach. The excellent service provided to us really sets Advantio apart and makes them our security partner of choice. Their team is service-minded, responsive and helped us significantly in our cyber security journey. We highly recommend Advantio if you are looking for a trusted security partner.”

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What is SWIFT Customer Security Program (CSP)?

  • Baseline security requirements to connect to the SWIFT network

  • Created to prevent and detect fraudulent use of SWIFT infrastructure

  • Members must compare their security controls with the Customer Security Controls Framework (CSCF)


4 steps to validate your SWIFT compliance posture:

1 SWIFT CSP Readiness

In this step, the architectural type and the applicability of each control type to your operating environment are identified, performing a preliminary review of your current cybersecurity posture to the CSCF requirements, and detecting any gaps within these controls that need improvement, proposing potential remediation steps.

Key benefits:

  • Identification of the applicable SWIFT architecture type
  • Identification of SWIFT’s CSCF applicable controls
  • Detection of any gap in your current environment

2 SWIFT CSP Independent Assessment

In this activity, our professionals conduct an independent assessment to verify the implementation of the mandatory controls (“satisfied”, “partially satisfied”, and “not satisfied”), including validation of policies, processes, and business practices according to CSCF requirements and providing the required documentation to show compliance through stakeholders’ meetings, documentation review, site visits, and operational review.

Key benefits:

  • Evidence gathering
  • Validation of alignment to SWIFT CSCF requirements
  • Creation of a formal compliance report for SWIFT review

3 Remediation plan

If compliance gaps were detected, Advantio will assist your team to remediate any issue and maintain the cybersecurity level in your environment.

Key features:

  • Support on non-compliance remediation
  • Validation of remediation status
  • Creation of compliance reports

4 Ongoing support

Advantio offers your company our expertise along the journey to support the disposition of the design, implementation, and effectiveness of the CSCF controls.

Key features:

  • Helps to prevent issues in your compliance level over time
  • Support in design, deployment, migration, upgrade, and implementation of SWIFT CSP requirements
  • Compliance monitoring and remediation activities

Cybersecurity Leadership Strategy

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Our Whitepaper

Advantio cuts away the jargon and provides practical information on forming your business’s cyber strategy as you reduce threats and maintain compliance.


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