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With hundreds of combined years’ experience in PCI DSS compliance, Advantio’s expert team can help you whatever your query. We cover: PCI SSF/PA DSS, PCI 3DS, PCI P2PE, PCI PIN and PCI TSP compliance.

Advantio's PCI TSP Process

1 Scope Analysis Review

Scope Analysis Review involves identifying people, processes, and technologies that interact with the security of EMV payment tokens or could impact them from a security standpoint.

Key features:

  • featureIcon_analyze-4 Review of all card tokenization processes, including all channels and functions that interact with EMV token data
  • featureIcon_report-1 A definite roadmap towards PCI TSP compliance that can be shared with decision-makers at your organization

2 Preliminary Gap Analysis Review

Gap Analysis Review is a strategic planning process to help your organization to compare its expectations with the current level of security, defining a comprehensive plan to further achieve a formal PCI TSP compliance assessment as described in the PCI TSP Standard.

Key features:

  • featureIcon_audit Perform testing procedures to identify the organization’s current state of security
  • featureIcon_analyze A comparison of the collected results and the desired status, referred to as the "delta"
  • featureIcon_gears Listing out all the possible remedies for bridging the gap between the current and ideal state

3 Formal Assessment of Compliance

Assessment of Compliance is understood as a systematic and independent review of the EMVCo-validated tokenization solution, involving extensive testing and evaluation of the evidence obtained determines whether the information systems safeguard assets, maintain data integrity, and function effectively to meet the requirements of the PCI TSP.

Key features:

  • featureIcon_support A custom-tailored agenda by one of our expert assessors
  • featureIcon_analyze-4 Review of network segmentation and isolation control
  • featureIcon_compliance Report of Compliance (T-RoC) and the Attestation of Compliance (AoC), along with any other requested documentation

PCI DSS in the payment industry

Whitepaper Whitepaper

Our PCI DSS whitepaper

Expert analysis of PCI DSS with a focus on ATM, retail, hospitality and issuer & acquirer environments.


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