Advantio as a renowned provider of cyber resilience services and solutions trusted globally for delivering on time and on budget. Our team has been presented with an award at the PCI 2020 Awards for Excellence for tackling fraud in the hotel industry.

Advantio’s cloud-based ZeroRisk PINPoint has been recognized as a solution that helps to reduce and minimize risks at every level of organization. The product has everything you need to identify and prevent tampering and skimming threats to your business while managing your assets with ease. ZeroRisk PINPoint also allows you to be fully compliant with PCI DSS and PCI P2PE requirements while collaborating with your merchants as their P2PE solution provider. 

Download our case study to read more on how ZeroRisk can help your company tackle PCI DSS Requirement 9.9 efficiently:


Diana Tykhonenko

Written by Diana Tykhonenko

I am the Marketing Specialist at Advantio.

Advantio has become a cyber security partner of choice for many large corporates and enterprises globally. In this blog, we bring you the latest news about PCI DSS Compliance, P2PE, PA-DSS, 3DS, PIN Security, ASV scans, Pen Testing, GDPR, ISO 27001, PSD2 and more.