Since the early ’70s, Wi-Fi has evolved to be one of the most significant technological advances of the digital age. Today it’s impossible possible to talk about the internet without considering Wi-Fi. Wireless technology accounts for more than 60% of all internet connections, and Wi-Fi has become an indispensable technology integrated into every aspect of our lives.

Because of the prevalence of Wi-Fi in our lives, technology has also become a target for hackers. If not properly secured, Wi-Fi could present one of the most accessible attacks vectors for criminals seeking to carry out Trojan Horse attacks

With insecure Wi-Fi, attackers could hack your wireless network by simply staying within range of your wireless router. The attacker could then access all your private computers, mobile phones, and smart devices. Gaining complete access to your life and your data and potentially exposing you to data theft, ransomware, and extortion demands.

Bad security habits have a severe negative impact on all unprepared users, especially for companies still lacking essential Wi-Fi network protection. A breach via Wi-Fi could impact the security of an organization's infrastructure and the data stored within it. Making possible the worst-case scenario for a company; industrial espionage, data breach, ransomware, or complete data destruction.

Companies can put in place essential protection mechanisms and apply industry best practice standards, which reduce the technological risk factors. Organizations remain at risk due to human factors, which can be hard to control and difficult to predict.

Moreover, Wi-Fi hacking is still very hard to detect without adequate technology solutions and employee knowledge. Wi-Fi networks must be considered a critical part of IT infrastructure. Its security should be appropriately managed by specialized staff, to continuously protect and immediately detect any threats.

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Francesco Bianchino

Written by Francesco Bianchino

I am a Senior Penetration Tester in Advantio with over 10 years of experience in the filed.