The security of our future is as important to us as the security of our customers’ businesses. At Advantio, we have pledged to put ESG at the heart of our business.

As a global supplier of cyber solutions we are committed to building an ESG initiative through awareness, change and transparency. We focus on the integrity of our supply chains, the impact of our operations on the environment and our gender employment metrics.

Senior stakeholders in our business have formed an ESG committee to examine our corporate social responsibility policies and programs. Advantio is a member of the UN Global Compact and has selected the UN Sustainable Development Goals Equality and Good Health and Wellbeing on which to focus its ESG efforts. In addition, it has pledged to reduce its overall carbon footprint.

Advantio is voluntarily undertaking a gender pay gap analysis and is committed to increased hiring of women in tech roles and senior management positions. It has started an employee wellness group which aims not only to promote active and healthy lifestyles, but also to increase connections and communication among staff across all offices.

In addition, Advantio business travel is now carbon neutral. Advantio has enrolled in GreenPerk, TravelPerk’s carbon neutral, carbon off-setting program, which allows Advantio to contribute directly to certified sustainability programs and travel in a responsible and sustainable way. GreenPerk also contributes to our overall transparency by allowing us to measure and report on our carbon data and progress.

To reinforce our commitment to going carbon neutral, Advantio is proud to announce we've become a Techies Go Green signatory. Techies Go Green is a movement of IT and tech-oriented companies who are committed to decarbonizing their businesses, making them green and verifiably sustainable.

Embracing Sustainable Initiatives for a Brighter Future