Kpay is a platform for multi-bank and multi-service electronic payments certified by PCI DSS and PA-DSS. The security of transactions is Kpay's fundamental characteristic, but it also stands out because it enables the retailer in the management of digital services that become an additional source of business: telephone top-ups, smart boxes, gift cards, and bill payment.

PCI DSS PA-DSS Cyber Security Training


  • CHALLENGE challenge

    To provide multi-year consultancy for payment applications against PA-DSS alongside staff training requirements for PA-DSS and PCI DSS.

  • SOLUTION solution

    High-quality training provision for a leading payment application. Consultancy and certification to PA-DSS, ensuring continual compliance for a rapidly growing payment application.


Konvergence's KPay application is at the forefront of electronic payment security. Security is a fundamental principle of KPay’s development goals. A commitment to security ensuring the applications continued flexibility, scalability, and speed.

Advantio has worked in partnership with Konvergence to ensure continued PA-DSS and PCI DSS training for staff. Alongside this, Advantio has provided multi-year consultancy to ensure successful and timely validation of the KPay application to the PA-DSS.

“Konvergence and Advantio have worked successfully together to achieve the timely completion of the validation of the Kpay payment application according to PA-DSS 3.2 standard. Advantio has provided excellent security consultancy and expert advice and guidance. Konvergence is pleased to count Advantio as its Trusted Security Partner and look forward to future engagements.”

– Antonio Spinosi
Kpay Project Manager


Advantio has worked with Konvergence to provide tailored education and training for staff to ensure they understand the requirements of the PA-DSS. This training allows for the continued development of the KPay application in line with Konvergence’s defined security principles to ensure validation to PA-DSS.

Advantio’s Qualified Security Assessors (QSA’s) provided Konvergence with an initial gap assessment against the PA-DSS. On completion of the gap assessment, Advantio’s QSAs worked with Konvergence staff to implement any strategies needs to mitigate the findings and ensure PA-DSS validation.

Strategies include the provision of any technical security advice needed from Advantio to ensure application development was in line with the payment security standard. Alongside professional consultancy, Advantio assisted Konvergence in the development of all documentation and resources required to attain PA-DSS compliance.

Advantio has provided year on year payment security consultancy to ensure that Konvergence staff are aware and trained in any changes to the payment security standard. Where required, Advantio has provided QSA consultancy to address any changes or new requirements. This has included consultancy to provide additional guidance on a valid copy of the PA-DSS Implementation Guide required for end-users of the payment application.

Advantio is proud to continue to work in partnership with Konvergence, providing yearly validation demonstrating the applications continued commitment and adherence to PA-DSS.

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A multi-year engagement allows customers and consultants to develop a deep working relationship. A dedicated QSA can work in conjunction with the client’s staff in understanding the application developments and technology. QSAs can provide clear, structured advice on any additional security requirements or considerations that are needed for future applications released or new products.

Complex certification and validation requirements needed under PA-DSS and PCI DSS benefit from a close working relationship with an external consultancy such as Advantio. This relationship allows the customer to access the best advice from experts with intimate knowledge of the client’s environment.

Advantio prides itself on commitment and engaged account management, providing exceptional customer service to its clients and customers on time and on budget.

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