IFM Infomaster is an Italian based company that specializes in providing telecommunication support technologies to its diverse range of clients. With an experience exceeding 20 years, the organization has been at the forefront of innovation related to designing, manufacturing, and producing advanced remote assistance systems. Contact management, alarm control systems, and tele-remote management are some of its key focus areas.



  • CHALLENGE challenge

    Lay the groundwork for implementing PCI DSS at all levels of the organization. Uncover any shortcomings and provide solutions in adherence to the standards set by the PCI Security Standards Council.

  • SOLUTION solution

    Revise internal payment processes as per the payment security guidelines set by the PCI Security Standards Council. Respond dynamically to the client’s demands and growth aspirations.


The platform developed by the group facilitates the management of voice/data traffic and remote surveillance systems, backed by intelligent architecture, semantic engines, and analytical tools. The organization’s truly unique systems help companies intercept, process, and interpret structured and unstructured information.

IFM Infomaster has always believed in maintaining the safety and security of its payment processing activities and payment application. Its partnership with Advantio has helped it attain PCI DSS 3.2.1 certification of compliance recognized by the PCI Security Standards Council.

“Our partnership with Advantio has been a valuable asset for us. They have supported us with their experience and expertise throughout the analysis process and helped us achieve our PCI DSS Certification.”

– Andrea Bocerani
IFM Infomaster COO


The initial challenge was to set the groundwork that would lay the foundation for implementing PCI DSS compliance at all organization levels. Advantio worked in tandem with IFM Infomaster to efficiently plan and execute each step of the process.

With Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) platform being one of its offerings, IFM Infomaster felt it was crucial to include PCI DSS as part of its security arsenal.

Advantio’s’ Qualified Security Assessors (QSAs) assisted IFM at every step of their PCI DSS compliance journey. The first step involved understanding the scope of compliance efforts required with a ‘Scope Analysis Review.’ Furthermore, a ‘Gap Analysis Review’ (GAR) helped us uncover any shortcomings related to the organization’s cybersecurity landscape. By identifying these shortcomings, Advantio put a cost-efficient remediation program into place.

After identifying the shortcomings, Advantio conducted a ‘Formal Assessment of Compliance’ to highlight and resolve all issues. IFM Infomaster was cooperative in each step of the process.

Advantio is proud to associate with IFM Infomaster, providing yearly validation demonstrating the organization’s continued commitment and adherence to PCI DSS.

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By implementing the core processes of PCI DSS, it has become easier for IFM Infomaster to track and secure payment card data. The exercise has helped establish a standard procedure for IFM to comply with the PCI Security Standards Council’s PCI DSS standards. Furthermore, as the company’s core SaaS platform is hosted on a cloud server, adhering to the standard has added an extra layer of security to protect customer data.

Advantio’s team of QSAs and customized solutions helped the organization monitor its compliance efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our company promotes a risk-based methodology and have been fortunate to work with some of the industry’s top experts. We work continuously to improve our service with our QSAs and provide innovative solutions that help merchants and retailers achieve PCI DSS compliance on time and on budget.

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