ZeroRisk Suite incorporates two main components, ZeroRisk PCI Portal and ZeroRisk PINpoint. The ZeroRisk Suite helps Merchants and Merchant Portfolio Authorities (MPAs) fully comply with the PCI DSS, including Requirement 9.9, which states that PoS devices and cardholder data should be protected.


PINpoint enforces corporate policies for the physical security of card reading devices

Merchants and service providers accepting payments through payment card-reading devices and terminals (such as PEDs, Point of Sale [PoS] Devices, Standalone Dial-Out Terminals) must comply with PCI DSS Requirement 9.9 to protect their devices from falling in the wrong hands and reduce physical security risks.

A faulty or manipulated PoS is a device that has been tampered with and carries additional software or replaced/additional hardware that allows malicious users to steal cardholder data.

  • Secure payment transactions
  • Assets inventory
  • Device lifecycle management
  • Threat prevention
  • Mobile friendly
  • Compliance with PCI DSS Requirement 9.9

PCI Portal is a complete solution to achieve, monitor and maintain PCI DSS compliance

Acquiring Banks, eMoney Institutions, PSPs, Franchisers, Large-Medium-Small Merchants, Payment Processors, and all the entities holding, storing, and/or transmitting payment information, have to be PCI compliant and report their status to the PCI SSC (Payment Card Industry Security Standard Council).

PCI Portal will assist you in completing the right SAQ (Self-Assessment Questionnaire) and monitor your PCI DSS compliance status from a centralized environment, without the need for paper-based processes

  • Minimize the risk of loss of money
  • Reduce the risk of fines
  • Real-time visibility of merchants’ compliance status
  • Provide merchants with extra assurance
  • Increase customers retention rate
  • Boost customers acquisition rate

Advantio has been providing us with exemplary cyber security consulting services for over 8 years, particularly in the PCI DSS domain. Always exceeding our expectations, we were impressed with their proactive and thoughtful approach to our cyber security challenges. We are looking forward to growing our business further with Advantio’s support.

Esten Hoel SVP Quality & Security Basefarm

3C Payment has worked together with Advantio for almost 10 years. In that time, Advantio has successfully delivered on 3C’s growth in PCI DSS, P2PE and cyber security. Additionally, 3C has supported Advantio in their path to offer elite PCI & security consultancy. We are happy to continue our collaboration with Advantio's team, as they provide us with a professional, comprehensive service.

Tim Goodwin COO 3C Payment

As a global organization, we were seeking to find a product to manage and monitor our network of merchants all over the world. Advantio and its ZeroRisk platform became a perfect solution: its multilingual online support by PCI experts promoted our customer relationship system to a completely new level, so the visibility over the compliance status of our merchants has significantly increased over the last few years. We would recommend Advantio and its product to anyone willing to enhance its merchants’ monitoring processes.

Amaury Kervyn Product Manager Ingenico

We have been using Advantio's services for several years and benefited greatly from their expertise, uncompromising focus on core security principles and pragmatic approach. The excellent service provided to us really sets Advantio apart and makes them our security partner of choice. Their team is service-minded, responsive and helped us significantly in our cyber security journey. We highly recommend Advantio if you are looking for a trusted security partner.

Nicolai Romanschi CISO Moldindconbank

Since the first project we worked on with Advantio’s team, we were amazed with its high-level service, utmost professionalism and full devotion to the customer’s needs. Advantio allowed us to implement resilient security policies and decrease data protection risks. So, after more than 3 years of rewarding projects with Advantio we’re exploring new areas of cooperation.

Andrew Cares CEO CentroBill

Our company has been using Advantio’s PCI DSS consulting services for the past 5 years. Its team of professionals provide services in a timely and responsive manner combining profound knowledge with comprehensive advice. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Advantio as they have always grown with us.

Frank Crummey Head of IT Production Payzone

Advantio proved to be a reliable partner that shares our values and priorities. All the services were provided fully, quickly, and most important, with superior quality.

Vladimir Krasnozhenov Project Manager Tickets Travel Network



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