aGuard Cloud (Secure Infrastructure as a Service)

Designed for fintech providers or users who need a highly secure and scalable infrastructure for their applications and want to focus their efforts on building their solution rather than maintaining it. Advantio aGuard Cloud is a fully managed Secure Infrastructure as a Service that reduces risk, keeps costs under control, and reduces your PCI Compliance efforts by 95%. Unlike coordinating different suppliers and internal resources Advantio aGuard is Security and Operations of your SecDevOps.

aGuard Cloud concept:

  • Compliance - our team will execute all recurring tasks to maintain compliance including policies and procedures
  • Vulnerability Management (Application Security) - applications are being constantly tested by our security testing team which makes the infrastructure secure by design.
  • Managed Detection and Response – we collect and analyze all events to draw our client’s attention only to the security issues that require it. Our team will take care of the first response to isolate the attack.
  • Secure Infrastructure - everything is hosted on Amazon AWS and designed to make use of all AWS services. aGuard Cloud is scalable, secure and compliant as per the highest Amazon Standard.


Incident Management


Malware Protection


Logs collection and SIEM

aGuard MDR (Managed Detection Response)

Advantio provides a managed detection and response service for organizations looking to outsource this vital cyber security skillset. MDR provides organizations with a vulnerability and threat hunting service that responds to threats once they are discovered, keeping your organization, network, and data secure.

  • Threat intelligence, security monitoring, and incident response and analysis
  • Detect intrusions, malware, and malicious activity
  • Respond and mitigate threats quickly


Detect and Mitigate Threats


Outsource Expertise


Incident Response

Managed Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance

Outsourced advice and consultancy to manage an organization's PCI compliance obligations. PCI applies to any organization involved in payment card processing, Advantio’s managed service can help ease the administrative burden of continual compliance and provide expert advice.


Reports on Compliance (RoC)


Attestations on Compliance (AoC)


Qualified Security Assessors (QSA)

aGuard Vuln

Advantio’s vulnerability managed service provides organizations with the skills and expertise to ensure the continued health and security of their network and data environments. Vulnerability management is the process of identification, classification, prioritization, remediation, and mitigation of software vulnerabilities.

  • Assess and prioritize vulnerabilities within your environment
  • Identification of the most relevant remediation and patches
  • Assign the correct resources


Protect Organizational Data


Continual Process


Reduce Risk Landscape



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