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What is the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard?

  • PCI DSS outlines the minimum requirements for protecting account data

  • Validation and reporting requirements are defined by major card brands

  • Applies to all entities involved in payment card processing


Compliance in 3 steps

1 PCI DSS Scope Analysis Review

For many organizations it is a challenge to identify which PCI DSS controls are applicable and which systems need to be protected. Before business make changes to protect Cardholder Data (CHD) in a PCI DSS compliant manner, it’s important to understand the scope of the compliance efforts.

Advantio’s PCI DSS Scope Analysis Review (SAR) Report includes:

  • featureIcon_report PCI DSS scope description
  • featureIcon_controls Applicability of scope reduction controls
  • featureIcon_optimization Further optimization for more impact

2 PCI DSS Gap Analysis Review

To achieve PCI DSS compliance, an organization must meet all applicable PCI DSS requirements. Advantio’s PCI DSS Gap Analysis Review defines a realistic and cost-efficient remediation program by helping uncover any security and compliance deficiencies or shortcomings. Our consultants will identify suitable remediation options through products, solutions and outsourcing providers.

Once gaps are uncovered and potential solutions identified, it becomes easier to quantify and estimate the work effort that will be required. Prioritize your effort so the greatest gap can be addressed first.

Advantio’s PCI DSS Preliminary Gap Analysis Review (GAR) Report includes:

  • featureIcon_report A detailed gap description and findings
  • featureIcon_data Compliance status report
  • featureIcon_shield PCI DSS compliance project plan

3 PCI DSS Formal Assessment of Compliance

Merchants, Service Providers, Issuers or Acquirers that store, process or transmit payment card information must demonstrate on an annual basis that they comply with the requirements and testing procedures of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Advantio PCI DSS Formal Assessment of Compliance (FAC), includes:

  • featureIcon_report PCI DSS compliance audit report
  • featureIcon_questionnaire A Self-Assessment Questionnaire
  • featureIcon_compliance Attestation of Compliance (AoC)

PCI DSS in the payment industry

Whitepaper Whitepaper

Our PCI DSS whitepaper

Expert analysis of PCI DSS with a focus on ATM, retail, hospitality and issuer & acquirer environments.


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