Do You Know What Cyber-Risk Your
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Develop a mature cyber strategy for your organization with Advantio Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment (ACMA).


What is Advantio Cyber Security Maturity Assessment?

  • Consideration of Internal Policies & Controls within your organization
  • Analysis of External Standards affecting your organization
  • Focuses on Laws, Regulations & Compliance having an impact on business processes

Advantio Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment (ACMA) is a robust, reliable, and repeatable way to evaluate your organization’s current security posture and allows you to build a customized cybersecurity strategy.

The ACMA allows your organization to assess your current security posture and take a strategic risk-based decision to improve your maturity. Review, communicate, and manage all your information security programs, ensuring that investment and resources are best assigned to increase compliance, governance, and information security management, on time and on budget.

Advantio's Clients Advantio's Clients

Get a detailed report including an overall maturity score and a comprehensive plan of action, on time and on budget

Advantio and COBIT

COBIT is ISACA’s IT governance framework addressing technical issues, control requirements, and business risk.

Advantio's Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment captures process maturity data, performing the analysis considering each of the six COBIT enabler dimensions: Awareness, Policy and Procedures, Automation, Expertise, Accountability, Measurability.

Key Benefits

1st feature Security Maturity

Our security maturity model is a set of characteristics or indicators that represent capability and progression within your organization's security program. With a Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment, understand your security posture through a qualitative maturity assessment that combines the concepts of process maturity, risk assessment, and project management.

Key benefits:

  • Assess & measure overall maturity score
  • Analyze & improve security posture

2nd feature Effective Operations

Help your organization stay competitive against market forces by focusing on your core business. With a Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment, reduce your operational risk by implementing effective risk controls in security, privacy, business continuity, governance, and compliance and having process automation in order to identify potential problems.

Key benefits:

  • Scope & model definition of work
  • Recommended remediation plan by our experts

3rd feature Deliver Value

We offer a unique combination of technologies and managed advisory and testing services to increase your cyber resilience. A Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment will help your organization to have easier budget management and assignment of resources, more visibility into the value delivered by risk management, and a bridge to business engagement in acceptance of risk.

Key benefits:

  • Be on time and on budget
  • Know what’s ahead & increase your cyber resilience

How we solved unique cyber security challenges for EORTC

Whitepaper Whitepaper

Case Study

Learn how our cybersecurity strategic review drives cyber maturity for EORTC, a Leading Cancer Research Organization.


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