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Today sets an extraordinary milestone in Advantio’s history. We approved and signed what's known as a "Head of Terms" agreement in which all existing shareholders of Advantio will be exchanging their shares for Cognosec AB shares. Following a due diligence process, Cognosec AB will become the only shareholder of Advantio Ireland and all connected entities (including 100% of Advantio SRL in Italy and 100% of Advantio LLC in Ukraine).

First and foremost, we want to reassure you that we will continue to run Advantio the way we always have. We will continue to do what we believe is best for our clients and our people. In fact, the merger brings three specific benefits:

1. This is an opportunity to accelerate the growth of Advantio’s customer-centric culture and Cognosec recognises this.

2. Together with Cognosec we will consolidate our leadership position in the PCI space and effectively become the most significant provider in Europe.

3. We are able to now offer a wider range of advisory and related services to both our existing clients and a collective broader audience.

For our clients, this means that will will continue to work with you as expected and our team is here to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

Both in terms of offering and culture, Advantio and Cognosec are a perfect fit, like two pieces of the same puzzle. While Cognosec is mostly active in the Middle East and Africa region, Advantio and its team is focussed on Europe.

Even though technically Cognosec is acquiring Advantio, this is not the spirit in which the Advantio founders are joining this new and exciting venture. Instead, we join this collaboration as if we were entering a larger and stronger family. The founding Advantio members will not just stay in the business, but effectively immediately, Martin Petrov and myself will become part of the larger management team of the Cognosec group.


Marco Borza

Written by Marco Borza

I am the Founder of Advantio.
Technology has been my passion since I was a kid; when I first heard the handshake of an old 300bps modem I realised security would be key in an interconnected world. Since then it has become my passion and primary focus.
The reason why I've started my own business is to make IT Security simple.

Certifications: CISSP / CCSA (Checkpoint) / ITIL Foundations / ACSA (ArcSight)/ Linux+/ PCI-QSA / PA-QSA