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aGuard Payment Cloud is a fully secured PCI compliant Platform as a Service (PaaS) providing security and operations for Fintech SMBs.


aGuard Payment Cloud is a Turnkey Solution

  • Strong Security & PCI Compliance Strategy
    Strong planning and maximum baseline of security protocols
  • Increase in PCI DSS Adherence
    No more lack of consistency to meet PCI DSS Requirements
  • Decreased Threats to Payment Card Data
    Don’t let any breach impact both your organization and customers

Our secured Platform as a Service (PAAS) - aGuard manages the security and operations for your SecDevOps to deliver the most scalable, secure, and fully PCI DSS compliant turnkey platform for all stakeholders within your organization's payment ecosystem.

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Advantio's Clients Advantio's Clients

Reduce risk, compliance efforts, and keep costs under control by 95% with aGuard Payment Cloud

Strategic Partners

With aGuard Payment Cloud, we deliver the most scalable, secure, and fully PCI DSS compliant platform. As we thrive on our services and clients, we are also partnering with the best players to maximise your cyber resilience.

4 Pillars of aGuard Payment Cloud

1st feature Secure Infrastructure

Have Security and Operations of your SecDevOps, in the cloud. Fully managed Secure Infrastructure as a Service that reduces risk, compliance efforts by 95% and keeps costs under control. Choose this if you need a highly secure, compliant, and scalable infrastructure for your applications.

Key features:

  • Everything hosted on AWS. Designed to make full use of the scalability, security & compliance of the AWS standard
  • Virtual compliance management. Audit ready environment for PCI DSS and ISO 27001/27701 standards
  • 24x7 monitoring and incident handling for 99.9% uptime

2nd feature Managed Detection and Response

Next-Generation Managed Detection and Response. The ultimate level of protection coming from a combination of technologies and our experts analyzing your data and responding timely to potential incidents. This service aims to identify real security attacks as they happen to isolate compromised systems and stop attackers from penetrating.

Key features:

  • All events are analyzed with Sumo Logic, identifying only the real security issues
  • Single solution to protect against attacks
  • Analysts led 24/7 monitoring, analysis, and alerting of validated security events

3rd feature Vulnerability Management

Find, assess, remediate, and mitigate the security weaknesses of your information systems. Advantio aGUARD VM is a vulnerability management program as a service.

Key Features:

  • The infrastructure is secure by design with, all applications under constant scrutiny from our security testing team
  • State of the art technological framework (Qualys)
  • Enables proper prioritization of remediation activities for timely resolutions based on the real risk they pose to the organization

3rd feature PCI Compliant

All your data, in one place, to enable quick decision making. Advantio aGUARD LOG is a fully managed log collection and analysis platform as a service based on Sumo Logic technology and fully configured and operated for PCI Compliance. It is your ideal choice if you need to comply with stringent compliance requirements of log collection and management.

Key Features:

  • Our compliance team executes all recurring tasks to maintain compliance (including policies and procedures)
  • Log management in line with your compliance requirements
  • Complete control of the data your applications and infrastructure generate with real-time analytics

Cyber Strategy for Your Organization

Whitepaper Whitepaper

Our whitepaper

Advantio cuts away the jargon and provides practical information on forming your organization’s cyber strategy as you reduce threats and maintain compliance.


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What our clients say

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“When we, as a managed service provider, entered into the PCI-DSS business, we did not have the know-how, nor the experience on how service offerings and compliance needed to be managed. However, that was quickly solved after entering into a cooperation with Advantio. Its customer relationship model, unique expertise, and significant experience in the industry simplified the PCI DSS journey for our organization. In 8 years together with Advantio, we have managed to transform our approach to PCI DSS to better serve our clients and respond to their complex compliance needs.”

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